Historic Building with a High Tech Future

Check-out Video Games at the Library!

The Margaret Carder Library will be starting a pilot program allowing video game to be checked out starting on October 26th. During this pilot program, library patrons will be able to check out one video game per household, for up to one week at a time. After December 1st, the library staff will evaluate the program, and consider whether the remove the household limitation. The library’s video games can be browsed from the Catalog on our website, www.MangumPublicLibrary.com, and reserved online or by phone for curbside pickup. More information can be found on our website or by calling the library at (580) 782-3185.

Curbside Wi-Fi and Laptops at the Library.

The Margaret Carder Library has been continuing our efforts to provide as many services as possible while our doors remain closed to the public.

We have installed new hardware to extend range of the Library’s Wi-Fi so that it can be accessed anywhere in the parking lot. Also, we will be extending the hours that our Wi-Fi is available, which will be 6 AM- 8 PM, Monday – Saturday.

Also, we have repurposed two staff laptops as public computers that can be checked out for use on the Library grounds, or in the parking lot in the comfort of your own vehicle. The laptops have all the same functionality as our normal public computers, including internet access, printing, Microsoft Office, and creative software. These laptops will be physically tethered to the library while checked out, and are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use.

As a reminder, the Library offers curbside pickup for books and DVDs either by phone or through our website: www.MangumPublicLibrary.com. Our entire catalog can be browsed online, as well. We also have a wide selection of digital materials, including eBooks, digital audiobook, magazines, and even movies available through the “OK Virtual Library” on our webpage or the Libby app.

Curbside Pickup & eBooks Only

All City building have been ordered to remain closed to the public until further notice. During this time the library will still be offering curbside pickup services as well as eBooks and digital audio-books through the Libby app on mobile devices




It has been a while since we had an announcement to make, we were doing so good for such a long time! Unfortunately with the rise in COVID-19 cases in Greer County we feel it necessary to take a few appropriate steps to protect the general public and our employees.

Effective midnight tonight (July 15, 2020), all city buildings will remain closed to the public until further notice. This includes City Hall, the Police Department, Fire Department, and the Library. All city employees will continue to work from their offices but we are asking the public to call ahead of their visit to City Hall or any other city building to try and work any issues over the phone, this includes paying your utility bills, starting or stopping utility services, or dealing with traffic tickets. We can handle 99% of your needs over the phone, and for the 1% that we cannot do, we can make an appointment to meet with you in person. There will be no change to the current operating hours at the recycle center (Monday and Wednesday 8 AM to 3 PM).

We apologize for the inconvenience of these actions but hope you understand the reasons behind it. As of right now the City is not considering increasing our restrictions on businesses or mask wear, however that is subject to change at a moments notice. We ask that you please do your part to once again stop the spread of this virus, we recommend wearing a mask in public and that you continue to social distance to the greatest extent possible.

Author Discussion & Book Signing

Sept. 05, 2017
6:30 PM

My Million-Mile Journey tells the awe-inspiring story of one Texas girl’s perilous journey from abandonment, abuse, and parental alcoholism to a joyous, fulfilled life of faith and gratitude. You will learn first-hand how God protects her and heals even her deepest scars through His grace and mercy.

Patsy, with guidance from the Holy Spirit, hopes to motivate and inspire those who may have personally suffered from dysfunctional relationships in the past or want to make a difference in the lives of others who struggle today.

Come along on this often shocking, sometimes painful journey with Patsy. Meet many of the angels who guided her as she relives those early years and shares how she was able to:

  • forgive her parents for the heartache and abuse she endured as a child
  • rise above her circumstances to build a meaningful life for her and her family
  • break free of the chains of abuse and alcoholism that could have sabotaged her life as well as the lives of her daughters
  • and, most importantly, follow her calling to live the life God intended.

If there were such a thing as an Amber Alert during Patsy Wurster’s childhood, it would have been one long alarm. In My Million-Mile Journey, she writes powerfully about a very troubled childhood that—despite the odds—turns into a rewarding life with her family, her work, and her God.


Patsy Wurster, formerly Patsy Hughes Sheward of Mangum, lives in the Colorado Springs area with Gary, her husband of thirty years. Their blended family includes five children, seventeen grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. In addition to her important roles as Mom and Grandma, Patsy became a global business leader, working her way up through the ranks in organizations like LexisNexis, Financial Times Energy, and McGraw-Hill Financial (now S&P Global). She was with the McGraw-Hill organization over twenty years, traveling to more than thirty countries for business and pleasure. After retiring from the corporate world, Patsy began writing about her million-mile journey from an extremely difficult childhood to the personal, professional, and financial success she cherishes today.

2015 Summer Reading Program

Registration: May 22nd – June 4th



Costume Making
10:30 – 11:30 AM
Ages 8+ Friday, June 5th
Ages 5 -7 Saturday June 6th
Superhero Training Camp   
10:30 – 11:30 AM
Ages 8+ Friday, June 12th
Ages 5 -7 Saturday June 13th
Heroes Without Capes
10:30 – 11:30 AM
Ages 8+ Friday, June 19th
Ages 5 -7 Saturday June 20th

Reading Contest

May 22nd – July 31
Ages: Under 18

1st Place Prize*
7” Kindle FireHD Tablet
2nd Place Prize*
6” Kindle Touch eReader
3rd – 4th Place Prize*
6” Kindle eReader

Points earned during the Summer Reading Contest can also be redeemed for a wide variety of novelty toys and prizes.

*Placing is determined by total point value of books read, not by total number of books read. Books are assigned points based on reading level and length. Contestants will be required to summarize and answer questions about the books in order to earn that book’s point value.