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eBooks Help/FAQ

  • 1. What is an eBook?

    An e-book is very similar to a traditional book, but it is in a digital format designed to be read on an electronic device such as an e-reader device, tablet, smart phone, or personal computer.
  • 2. What is OverDrive?

    OverDrive is the e-book distributor that provides us with e-books, as well as the service that allows us the ability to lend e-books and audio books to our patrons for a set period, and to retrieve the e-books after the lending period is over.
  • 3. What is the OK Virtual Library?

    The OK Virtual Library is a consortia of libraries in Oklahoma which have collaborated together in order to provide you with a better e-book lending service. By pooling our resources, we are able to provide a wider selection of e-book to our patrons than any one of us could provide on our own.
  • 4. How do I register to check out e-books?

    If you are a library patron, then you are already registered for e-books. If you are a brand new patron please be aware it may take up to 24 hours after your card is created before you can actually sign in and check out e-books.
  • 5. How do I log in?

    First, click on the Sign In link at the top of the OK Virtual Library page. SignIn01   Select Margaret Carder Library from the drop down menu. SignIn02   Enter your 3-4 digit library card number in the Library Card Number field. Then, enter your last name into the PIN field. Finally, click on the Sign In button SignIn03
  • 6. How do I check out a book?

    Well, the first step in checking out a book is finding a book. If you are looking for a specific book, author, or subject, you can type it into the search field, and press enter on your keyboard. eBook FAQ   If you are not looking for something specific, and would rather browse around to see which books we have available, then you can browse through one of our content collections. ContentCollection The content collection menu can be found on the OK Virtual Library homepage, or can be opened from any other page by clicking the Menu button at the top of the page. MenuButton If you see the collection you want to browse, you can click on it from here. Otherwise, you can click on the View more… link in the appropriate section. ViewMore   Once you’ve found a book you want, click on it and you will be taken to a page that looks like the image shown below. Barrow   If the book is currently available for checkout, there will be a large Borrow button in the middle of the page. *NOTE:  Please ensure that the book is available in a format compatible with your device as seen on the right hand side of the screen.* Click the Borrow button to check the book out to your bookshelf.
  • 7. How do I get a book I’ve checked out to my device?

    To enjoy Overdrive on your mobile device you will need to install a little extra software on you computer. For Audio Books and Music OverDrive Media Console is required. As for E-Books, Kindle users will be directed to Amazon’s website to complete their checkout process, while other devices will require you to install Adobe Digital Editions to complete the download process. You can also access these software from the Help button at the top of the OK Virtual Library page.   OverDrive supports a wide range of devices, each with their own method of operations, Please follow the link below to a series of video tutorials. Then, simply find your device and follow the instruction in the video. http://overdrive.com/help-videos/
  • 8. How do I place a hold if my book is not available?

    The process of placing a hold is similar to checking a book out, the only difference being that rather than a Borrow button, you will see a Place Hold button. PlaceHold   Clicking the button will take you to a page where you may enter an e-mail address, where you will be notified when a hold you’ve place is available for checkout. Once you’ve entered your email address, click the Place Hold button. Once your hold is ready, you will have 3 days to check it out before it moves on to the next patron waiting. HoldEmail
  • 9. My hold is ready, how do I check it out?

    First, log into you OK Virtual Library. Then, click on the Account button near the top of the page. Account   This will take you to your bookshelf, and you can proceed to check out normally from there.
  • 10. How long can I check out a book for?

    You can check out a book for either 7 days or 14 days. You must set the length o the loan before you check out the book. To change the loan period, look below the Barrow button, and click on the (Change) link ChangeLoan   On the following page, simply click on the period you would like. The blue highlighted period is the currently selected. Please note that certain high demand titles may only be available for 7 day checkouts. LoanPeriod   You can also access the loan period setting from you account page by clicking the settings button on the right hand side. Settings